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2013 MWC CHAMPIONSHIPS. Winning Teams!!   Along with 140 alumni runners! (click on picture to enlarge)

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By Frank Canady

When I was a sophomore in high school, I came to one of Coach Will’s distance running summits. One of the people I heard speak was Dr. Joe Vigil, arguably the greatest distance coach of all time. One of the things he talked about was perfect scoring the Division II National Championships. Even twenty years later, he called it a “special moment in time.” That was how I felt Saturday at our own Midwest Conference Championships in Grinnell.

First, I watched Sarah Burnell successfully defend her title, which helped the Grinnell women’s team win the title in an exciting team battle. I found Sarah’s performance to be inspiring because as she ran a lot of the race with a pack, then dominated the last 800 meters to win convincingly. I, too, was trying to defend my title, so I knew just how much pressure was on her to perform well.

For me, it was a nice race, not a PR, but solid considering the windy conditions. We ended up with 7 in the top 13 and 8 All-Conference runners, as good as any other Conference meet during my four years at Grinnell. Evan Griffith ran a wonderful race, something a long time coming for him. He deserved to run well. Ben Tyler, Sam Krauth, and I all received All-Conference honors, which makes us All-Conference every year we have been here. I started with these guys and it shows our consistency over the years.

But aside from either individual or team titles, what really made it a special moment in time for me came at the end of the awards ceremony when they announced Coaches of the Year. Both Will and Ev got it, and I couldn’t have been happier. I know how much work they put into this program because I have lived it for four years. I’ve seen this team at its best in 2010 when we won the Regional Championship and at its worst a year later when we lost the Conference title for the first time in years. I’ve been at my best like last year when I won Conference and at my worst when I went into Coach’s office during track, determined to quit because I wasn’t happy with my times (fortunately Coach talked me out of it). It was a truly fitting award for Will and Ev because even when times are tough, they were always there for everyone on the team, whether cross or track. The award was truly fitting because this is the last time either will coach a Conference at home, and it was this that made the “special moment in time.”


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Winning their 26th team title of the last 28 years, the Roos did it in front of over 140 alumni runners who returned for a special reunion weekend!  Grinnell wins with 35 points, over Lawrence University (58), St. Norbert (89), Carroll (97) and 7 others schools.

Senior captain Frank Canady defended his individual title with a huge win, running 26:23 on the windy day.  He was followed by junior Evan Griffith (6th), seniors Ben Tyler and Sam Krauth (8th,9th), soph. Nate Kolacia (11th), junior Zack Angel (12th) and soph. Adam Dalton in 13th.  Freshman Tony McLean finished 8th for Grinnell, and joined the other 7 on the All-Conference squad.  Grinnell had 7 of the top 13 runners!  A wonderful weekend all the way around!  Great performances,  great weather, great people!  Ten runners keep training for the NCAA aregionals in two weeks!

The women had an amazing race and won the team by a single point,.  Grinnell’s own Sarah Burnell repeated as the individual winner.

What a day for Grinnell!!!

Link to Men’s results:

Link to Women’s results:

Link to Pictures (thanks to John and Laurie Canady!!):
Youtube interviews with Frank Canady and Sarah Burnell!:

Updated Team Stats after the MWC meet:

2013 MEET
Canady 25:15:00 25:07:00 DNR 25:39:00 25:26:00
Griffith 27:03:00 26:45:00 DNR 26:44:00 26:27:00
Tyler 26:22:00 25:35:00 DNR 25:50:00 26:35:00
Krauth 26:57:00 26:29:00 DNR 27:13:00 26:39:00
Kolacia DNR 26:47:00 DNR 26:32:00 26:48:00
Dalton 25:48:00 25:44:00 DNR DNR 26:50:00
Angel 28:00:00 26:50:00 DNR 27:10:00 26:50:00
McLean 27:47:00 27:17:00 DNR 27:39:00 27:05:00
Maher 29:28:00 27:54:00 DNR 27:39:00 27:19:00
Mundell 28:31:00 28:06:00 28:24:00 28:09:00 27:34:00
Moorehead 28:26:00 28:55:00 28:25:00 28:46:00 28:09:00
Smiley 30:35:00 29:43:00 29:15:00 29:15:00 28:14:00
McCarthy 29:44:00 29:20:00 29:39:00 29:13:00 28:31:00
Mulligan 31:24:00 28:56:00 29:46:00 29:20:00 28:37:00
Dowdell 29:31:00 DNR 29:59:00 30:21:00 28:48:00
Anderson 31:39:00 29:47:00 31:07:00 30:03:00 29:59:00
Menner 31:19:00 30:16:00 31:01:00 DNR 30:25:00
Mason 29:38:00 29:11:00 29:50:00 29:49:00 30:43:00
Healey 33:03:00 31:25:00 31:27:00 DNR 31:01:00
Auen 32:24:00 31:30:00 32:27:00 DNR 31:17:00
Vazquez 33:06:00 DNR 32:02:00 DNR 31:29:00
Schake 31:23:00 30:29:00 DNR DNR 32:02:00
Sokolsky 29:53:00 29:31:00 DNR DNR 32:41:00
Margida 33:28:00 32:33:00 34:01:00 DNR 32:44:00
Sudhir DNR 33:32:00 33:46:00 DNR 32:53:00
Foley DNR DNR 38:00:00 DNR 35:03:00
Munoz 40:54:00 37:14:00 37:16:00 37:02:00 35:17:00
Fretheim 44:02:00 DNR DNR DNR 40:21:00
Moisan 31:05:00 31:35:00 DNR DNR DNR


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Just 48 hrs. to the MWC races,  and just 34 hrs. to the big reunion dinner in Quad.  Lots of excitement in the air!

I thought it would be nice to let everyone know what it takes to host a championship meet:

  • Find a course that is a fair test of ability (hills, flats, wide turns, good footing).  DONE. We have Oakland Acres Golf Club, just 4 miles West of Grinnell.  We first ran a meet on this wonderful course in 1991…the NCAA National Championships!  It went so well that they asked us to do it again in 1993!  Ever gluttons for punishment,  we did do it again.  We have also had 6 NCAA Central Regional meets there, 4 MWC Championship meets,  and 24 straight Les Duke Invites on the course.
  • Lots of Planning! Here it is in a nutshell:  Have meetings with Facilities Management. Have meetings with the AD, SID, and fellow coaches.  PLAN.  Thurs:  Will rolls course and marks mile marks for both courses. The real physical work begins at 7:00am on Friday. Several large trucks arrive at the course with all the equipment needed,  along with 5-6 FM employees. Then it starts: set up 3 levels of scaffolding on each side of the finish line and  stretch banner between; paint finish line, drive posts to mark the final 100m (both sides of course, run caution tape; prepare the gator with Will’s old PV poles so that  the poles give a 30′ wide path. Poles are taped to the gator and workers walk behind each end of poles with small marking flags.  Workers plant 6,000 (yep, 6000!) of the flags in the ground  on both sides of course line to mark the loops.  This takes about 4 hrs; Drive all mile marker posts and start line posts, turn signs, etc.; Paint start line and boxes.  Make sure porta-potties are places in right spot; set up tents and electrical lines for sound and finish line equipment (we use chips); set up all tables and chairs, bring out trainers tables and equipment, and many jugs of water; Prepare tables for awards presentation at course.  3:00pm:  Finished with set up.  Run home and shower and get back to course for 4:00 coaches meeting.  Whew!!!!
  • After the race:  the crew is picking up flags and posts beginning with the finish of last runner.  It takes about an hour to tear it all down.  Since we use flags,  it is hard to tell we were even on the course by 2:00pm. Then off to the pizza party for teams, alumns and parents.

We’ve been doing these big meets for a lot of years, and take a lot of pride in them. CC is a sport where the athletes often don’t get the appreciation they deserve.  This is one way to show the runners that their sport is special!  With chips now the norm for big races,  we bring in an outside group to do the finish line.  Long gone are the old days of 3 chutes and concern that we wouldn’t screw it up.  No chute at all.  The hit the finish line and walk off.  Pretty slick!

Things have changed a lot in how the meet is run off.  What hasn’t changed is the people involved.  We still have wonderful help from FM,  a great course that supports our meets, and of course,  runners who give their best when they are at Oakland.  What a great sport!  CC at Oakland Acres makes up proud!


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We currently have 121 returning runners thus far signed up for the weekend!  Wow!  They are coming in from all over the country and we look forward to seeing everyone at the Fri night dinner in Quad!

Many of you saw our kids grow up over the years, some of you even babysitting them.  All three will be at the dinner, along with Roger Bauman, Ron Cooper, Greg Wallace, and other special guests!

Be safe everyone, and we look forward to seeing you Fri. night at 7:00pm!

The forecast  looks great for Fri-Sat, 55d and sunny…perfect CC weather!


Be safe getting here, everyone!


Solidarity, by Cassidy White, ’14

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I am willing to admit that not so long ago I was intimidated by the men’s team. As a first-year, I actively avoided interacting with male team members at practice, in the d-hall, at the library – everywhere. I practically dreaded going to the Slum and never dreamed of entering that place without my posse of women. I will never forget the time at dinner I received a scolding lecture on the correct pronunciation of the men’s team mascot (with an emphasis on the silent ‘kanga’) and the falsified captains’ award the guys gave me that year still makes my cheeks flush. Sure, I was awkward, but the men’s team was legitimately intimidating – a big group of tight-knit guys with facial hair, dashing around in their crisp, matching practice gear every day. They were rumored to have perfect-scored at the conference meet in the past (who does that?) and had the egos to match that claim. When not running they spent a lot of time in, well, the Slum… doing… various things that happen in the Slum.

Three years later (with the acquisition of basic social skills on my part and simply more interaction with the men’s team) the intimidation has completely dissipated, but my respect remains. In the past few seasons I think the women’s team has learned a lot about how to take ourselves seriously as competitors from the men’s team. In return, I think we’ve taught the men the importance of doing the little things, listening to your body, and dealing with adverse conditions. I no longer see the Slum as a scary threat, but rather as a unique, endearing time capsule. Today even beyond the running realm, some of my best friends are on the men’s team. This friendly (and sometimes even more-than-friendly) camradery between men’s and women’s cross country is nothing new, which I assume will be evident at the reunion this weekend.

In my time at Grinnell, both the women and the men have taken home the conference title, but our victories have yet to coincide. Please know that on Saturday the Beasts will race for personal and team success, but also for the success of this program; this entire family.

Good luck Roos!



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